BLOCKLORDS: A Comprehensive Game Guide



BLOCKLORDS: A Comprehensive Game Guide

BLOCKLORDS invites players to embark on an immersive strategy game where Heroes, resources, and thrilling quests await. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore each step of the BLOCKLORDS journey, from creating an account to navigating the expansive map, managing resources, and unlocking buildings. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary adventure in the world of BLOCKLORDS!

Creating a BLOCKLORDS Account

To begin your BLOCKLORDS adventure, visit the official website at and create an account. It is crucial to connect a wallet to manage your in-game assets effectively.If you need help setting up a wallet, here are some guides to on MetaMask, GameStop and Magic Link wallets. Once your account is set up, you can acquire your very own BLOCKLORDS Hero from the Marketplace [IMX, Polygon] or through the sign-up process.


Registration for BLOCKLORDS

Connect your web3 wallet to BLOCKLORDS

Select which web3 wallet you want to connect to blocklords

BLOCKLORDS marketplace navigation

BLOCKLORDS hero market

Downloading the Game

After obtaining your BLOCKLORDS Hero, click the "DOWNLOAD NOW" button to initiate the game file download. While the game is downloading, take a moment to explore your profile on the BLOCKLORDS website.



Sending Heroes on an Adventure

Your profile serves as a virtual Hero headquarters, providing a home for your Heroes. You can head to your profile at - make sure you’re connected with the wallet that holds your Hero! Here is how to check you’re on the right chain!

BLOCKLORDS profile navigation

BLOCKLORDS player profile interface

Import blocklords heroes

blocklords import heroes confirmation

Export your BLOCKLORDS Hero

You can export your Heroes from BLOCKLORDS back on chain by following these steps!

Blocklords heroes export

Hero selection in game

  1. Enter BLOCKLORDS the game! 
  2. If your Hero is assigned to a Squad, remove it! 
  3. Navigate to the Hero tab!
  4. Select your Hero and follow the steps to Export!

BLOCKLORDS Game Tutorial 

Exploring the Map

Once the game file is downloaded, log in using the same credentials as your website account to begin your thrilling adventure. During the initial stages, a friendly farmer will serve as your tutorial companion, guiding you through the BLOCKLORDS tutorial. Pay close attention to their instructions as they lead you toward success.

blocklords map exploration

The map in BLOCKLORDS unveils a world of possibilities. It showcases various regions, each inhabited by a specific number of players and resources collected. By selecting a region on the map, you can gain insight into the number of players residing there and the resources available. Some regions are home to Lords and Ladies, and if you possess a unique Hero, you can claim land, establish your own region, and set tax rates for farmers.

blocklords resources ui


Under the guidance of the farmer tutorial companion, you will learn the art of farming in BLOCKLORDS. Utilize the keys QEWASD to navigate the map and pay attention to the mission prompts displayed in the top-right corner of the screen. Your first task will be to send the Villager Squad to collect wood, an essential resource.

blocklords farming tutorial

Constructing Additional Buildings

As your farm grows, it becomes necessary to construct new buildings to support your operations. For instance, builders can erect a lumbermill, which enables you to hire a Lumberjack Squad responsible for cutting down trees. The building menu automatically displays the structures you have unlocked, ensuring a smooth construction process. However, make sure you have gathered enough resources and tools before initiating construction. Once the construction is confirmed, appropriate positions on your farm will be highlighted, allowing you to send your Squads to work.

blocklords building construction tutorial

Managing Squads and Unlocking Buildings

To maximize your farm's potential, it is essential to assign Heroes to Squads. Heroes can be viewed by clicking the Hero tab located in the top-left section of the left toolbar. Clicking on individual Heroes provides detailed information about their stats and traits. 

blocklords squad management tutorial

To assign a Hero to a Squad, navigate to the Squad menu and click on the chess piece within the Squad UI. This action will open a screen displaying available Heroes, Squad buffs, and the option to assign Heroes to the Squad. With Heroes and Squads working together, it is time to expand your resources further. Instruct your builders to create a stone mine, which, once operational, will provide a steady supply of stone, a crucial building resource. Expand your squad roster by recruiting miners and sending them to work in the mine. 

blocklords building upgrade tutorial

Managing Stamina and Events

Keep an eye out for red exclamation marks, as they indicate that one of your Squads has encountered an event. Click on the exclamation mark to explore and resolve the event, which may offer rewards or outcomes that influence your gameplay.

Heroes and Squads require periodic rest to replenish their stamina. Pay attention to their energy levels, and when exhausted, send them back to a designated resting place to eat and regenerate their stamina before they can resume work. Squads may also encounter events, which are indicated by exclamation points floating above their heads and in the Squad status bar. These events provide additional challenges or opportunities that require your attention and decision-making.

blocklords in game events

Expanding Resources

A crucial aspect of your farm's success is the management of food resources. As directed by the guide, build a wheat field and assign farmers to cultivate it. Wheat serves as an important resource, and your farmers will diligently plant and plow the fields to produce it. By clicking into the wheatfield, you can configure the wheat growth, adjusting output levels by investing additional tools and gold. Ensure you have sufficient resources and tools available before instructing your farmers to plant seeds in the field. 

expanding blocklords resources

Additionally, builders will require a forge to carry out their tasks effectively. Upgrade your status to unlock new buildings and access a forge, where tools, an essential resource, are crafted. It is worth noting that food and tools are crucial resources during this stage of the game. Running out of food can hinder stamina regeneration, so it is important to explore different ways of gathering food with your Squads. 

sell blocklords resources

To supplement your food supply, visit the marketplace in the city and purchase resources using gold. The marketplace offers limited resources, which reset daily. Select the desired amount of resources and complete the purchase using coins. While in the city, take the opportunity to explore various locations such as the coffer, where the region's Lord or Lady can claim daily resources, and the city hall, which allows Lords and Ladies to set tax policies and contribute to the city's development.

Managing Squads and Buildings

Maintaining active communication and coordination with your Squads is vital. Regularly check on their progress, assign Heroes, ensure they are well-fed and rested, and keep them engaged in productive tasks. Expand your farm's capabilities by constructing a windmill, where cooks can transform wheat into grain, an important resource. However, make sure you have enough bed capacity in the windmill before hiring cooks. Constructing additional houses will increase the number of Squads you can recruit. Once your windmill is operational, configure the grain quality settings from the menu within the windmill and instruct your cooks to convert wheat into grain. To diversify your food resources, build a granary where bakers can produce food using grain. This allows for a more varied and sustainable food supply. Additionally, consider constructing a hunting lodge to enable hunters to venture into the forest and gather meat, further expanding your food options. Assign your hunters to the forest and let them pursue prey to secure meat supplies.

managing blocklords squads and buildings

To enhance your farm's productivity, think about incorporating livestock. Instruct your builders to create a cowpen, which can accommodate different types of cows. Each cow type requires varying resources to maintain. Once the Cowpen is ready, recruit a Cowherder Squad to tend to the cows. Cowherders are responsible for feeding, milking, and, if needed, slaughtering the cows. Provide the cows with grain to ensure they are well-nourished. With a steady supply of milk and grain, your builders can then construct a bakery, where they will produce bread, a valuable food resource.

Completion and Community Beta

Congratulations! By successfully completing the tutorial, you have reached a significant milestone in your BLOCKLORDS journey. Now, it is time to explore the Community Beta version of BLOCKLORDS and delve into Seasonal Missions. Your endeavors will contribute to the completion of the missions table, with the assistance of the first-ever BLOCKLORDS Militia unit, the Farmer Warrior. To stay connected with the BLOCKLORDS community and receive additional support and interaction with fellow players, make sure to join the Discord community.

blocklords missions

With this comprehensive guide, you are well-equipped to embark on an epic adventure in the world of BLOCKLORDS. From creating your account and navigating the map to managing Squads, resources, and buildings, you have the knowledge and tools to thrive in this immersive strategy game. Embrace the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, and may your journey through BLOCKLORDS be filled with excitement and success. Best of luck!

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